Hydrogen Rich Water Machine
Hydrogen Rich Water Machine
Hydrogen Rich Water Machine
Hydrogen Rich Water Machine

Hydrogen Rich Water Machine

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Professional digital Touch control LED display panel, touch sensitive, Nano-grade Titanium platinum materials with long service life, high hydrogen concentration, no worries, no ozone characteristics.


A PTC Heating technology, intelligent thermostat 36 degrees Celsius, suitable for human body temperature. V8 negative ion water function to create 10 million negative ions, and can effectively remove the air PM2.5, soot. 

Drinking rich water can reduce blood lipids, improve sleep, purify the blood.  2 Liter large capacity to meet the needs of the whole family.


  • Hydrogen water: Click on the blue light and wait for 3 minutes to make a cup of hydrogen-rich water, The hydrogen concentration reaches 1300ppb, which supports organ health, helps to improve metabolism, and resists aging due to high alkaline capacity.
  • In the most convenient way to bring us good water: effectively remove free radicals in the human body, 5 cups of hydrogen-rich water per day, equivalent to the antioxidant value of hundreds of fruits and vegetables.
  • Disinfect water and self-cleaning: quickly click on the blue light to flash, wait for 30 seconds, the water produced cannot drink, this water is rich in ozone and chlorine, can be used for disinfection of tableware cleaning.
  • Portable hydrogen water bottle for travel and outdoor use: making hydrogen peroxide water anywhere, made of durable borosilicate glass, 304 high-quality stainless steel and food grade glass.


  • Function: Direct Drink
  • Purifying Position: Terminal Purification
  • Certification: RoHS,CE
  • Water Yield(Liter/Minute): 1.0
  • Water Quality Requirements: High-Quality Drinking Water
  • Water treatment machine Type: Water Purifier
  • Use: Pitcher
  • 5 Stage Filtration: Yes
  • Material: Titanium
  • Type: Ionizer
  • Power (W): -


  • 1 x Hydrogen Rich Water Machine

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