Mini GPS Tracker
Mini GPS Tracker

Mini GPS Tracker

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Protect Your Belongings, Children, & Pets.

After using the Mini GPS tracker, we thought it was amazing. Boasting as the smallest GPS made it will conveniently fit almost anywhere you need it.
Places like Wallets, Purses, Backpacks, Pet collars, Vehicles, and more. 

It connects to your smartphone via a 4.0 Bluetooth connection which instantly tracks all GPS devices you own. If you are out of range of your tracker you will receive a notification on your phone and a pin dropped on the map of the direction of the GPS tracker. This makes it easy to trace back your steps to find the item that went missing.

Download the free app iTag for iPhone & Android and protect your important belongings.

Use The Mini GPS Tracker For:
• Purses, Wallets, & Backpacks
• Key Chains
• Pet Collars
• Finding Vehicle in Parking Lot
• & much more!

Never lose anything again and get peace of mind with the Mini GPS Tracker.

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Product Information & Specs:

Colors: Pink, White, Green, Blue, and Black
Bluetooth 4.0 
A hole for easy hanging
Item Size: 36.5mm x 32.5mm x (W) 7.2mm