Night Pal- Universal Night Vision
Night Pal- Universal Night Vision
Night Pal- Universal Night Vision
Night Pal- Universal Night Vision
Night Pal- Universal Night Vision

Night Pal- Universal Night Vision

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Hunt at Night like a Pro with the Nightpal Digital Night Vision Scope!

The NightPal is a revolution in night hunting. Using a precisely-calibrated infrared wavelength, it does away with your single biggest obstacle: poor visibility. Unlike traditional scopes, the NightPal gives you a staggering 400-yard range in the dark. It's like shining a powerful light — except the light is infrared, so the animals don't see a thing. You remain undetected as you locate and track everything from Hogs to Coyotes on the crisp HD display. When your prey is so well-illuminated in front of you, hunting isn't just easier, it's safer. Whether you're hunting for fun or to protect your farmland from invasive hogs, you'll see what a clear difference the NightPal makes.

  • The NightPal takes night hunting to a new level. 
  • Coyote & hog hunt like a high-tec pro Day and Night with the NightPal.
  • Professional hunters enjoy a 400-yard range with the infrared light feature on this new scope. NightPal allows hunters to stay completely hidden
  • Some may think this doesn’t look like night vision because of the light, but unlike other scopes; NightPal does not shine detectable light by utilizing infrared technology. 
  • Only your NightPal display can see the night vision image.

Easy to install in no time and without any complicated steps whatsoever. Simply connect it to the CCD Lens with a few screws and just like that you're good to go.

If you're looking for effective and efficient then this is the product for you. Making you a lean, mean hunting machine at night and achieve twice the results with half the effort.


✅Great Distance- Made with an Infrared beam that goes out 400 yards plus with ease and illuminates your area of vision. Increasing your focus, accuracy and distance all-in-one.

✅Easy Setup- Can be installed on any rifle with ease and doesn't take you a long time. Making it very beginner-friendly and easy for anyone to start using this bad boy as soon as today.

HD Screen-  Comes with a high-quality HD Screen giving you crystal clear vision even in the darkest of nights when you're hunting. Taking out all the blurriness and adjustable focus so that you can see better.  for optimal focus and focus when you're hunting at night. Giving you a crystal clear picture of what you're looking at even at night time.

Infrared Technology- Allows you to zero in on any target with ease and illuminate your area of vision. Giving you a much easier target to aim at increasing accuracy.

Our Guarantee- If for any reason you feel that this product isn't for you feel free to send us an e-mail at our store address and we'll promptly refund your money. No questions asked.