SafeBrace™ Child Car Seat Head Support
SafeBrace™ Child Car Seat Head Support

SafeBrace™ Child Car Seat Head Support

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Give Your Child CompletePROTECTION and the Ability to SLEEP in the Car!

  • Supports Your Child's Head: holds child's heads upright when asleep so their necks remain healthily aligned
  • Protects Kids in Accidents: front strap strategically loosens in case of accident to prevent whiplash
  • Installation is Fastsetting up SafeBrace™ takes as little as a few seconds
  • Super Comfortable: ultra soft, breathable material gives children maximum comfort
  • Fits All Head Sizes: adjustable strap allows you to find the perfect fit for your kid

Keep Your Child's Head Upright While Sleeping

We already know how suddenly children and toddlers can fall asleep in the car. One moment they're talking their butts off, the next they're out cold.

Yay for peace and quiet! But at least do your kid the courtesy of keeping their head upright while asleep.

SafeBrace™ ensures your child's neck stays aligned when dosed off. 

It's safer for kids because it prevents unnatural positions leading to injury. Stop their head from rolling around instantly!

Ensure Kids Are SAFE from Whiplash During Accidents 

A car accident is the last thing anyone could want while their baby's in the car. It's tough to even think about, but it's always a possibility no matter how careful you drive.

In the event of a possible accident, SafeBrace™ will do its best keep your child's neck safe from injury.

At the moment of a crash, the front band strategically loosens to keep your child's head supported to prevent whiplash. 

Gain peace of mind and give your kid the safest solution for that "just in case" scenario.

Install the Support Brace in Under a Minute

SafeBrace™ is ridiculously easy to install, unlike other products.

Don't spend half an hour trying to figure out how to strap a simple support brace. Strap up SafeBrace™ in less than a minute with its straightforward design.

Attach it to baby seats, car seats, pram strollers, or anywhere else you desire to keep your kid safe!

Adjust to the PERFECT Fit

Simple adjustable straps make finding the perfect fit a breeze.

SafeBrace™ can fit all head sizes from babies even to adults (don't be ashamed if you want to give it a try)!

Quickly adjust the head support brace to your child's exact need.

The Best Material for Your Favorite Person :) 

Give your loved one the most comfortable product out there! And watch how much faster they fall asleep now...

SafeBrace™'s ultra soft cotton and polyester build is breathable with no sharp edges.

It's the perfect combination. Your child will feel like they're sleeping on a cloud!